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Encrypted Email, Chat, and Calls.

Our suite or encrypted communication apps for Android users, also known as Secure Pack, provides end-to-end encryption for emails, instant messages, and voice over IP (VoIP) calls.



The apps rely on industry-leading cryptography in Secure Pack, employing 4096-bit keys and AES-256 encryption. All the protocols we use are open source and available for peer review.



All encryption takes place on the user’s device with keys stored only there. Nothing touches the MG servers in unencrypted form, and no copies of messages remain there.



Security doesn’t have to come at the expense of usability. MG’s apps come with the same features one would expect from a regular chat client or VoIP app.



Purchasing a Secure Pack account allows you to use any of the three apps in the suite: Secure Email, Secure Chat, and Secure Voice

Secure Group’s proprietary email client, Secure Email,
uses the PGP cryptographic protocol to ensure the security of user
messages. PGP provides asymmetric encryption, which secures information
with a pair of keys – a public one to encrypt and a private one to
decrypt data.

  • 4096-bit RSA key pair used for encryption and decryption

  • Public key cannot be derived from private one

  • Content encrypted with IDEA cipher

  • Secure Group has no access to user keys

Secure Chat is a feature-rich encrypted instant messenger providing
multiple security benefits. While it features forward secrecy and
deniable authentication, it does not sacrifice intuitiveness and ease of


  • Messages encrypted with 256-bit AES cipher

  • 4096-bit Diffie-Hellman used to establish secure connection

  • SHA-2 hashing used for authentication

  • Different keys for every chat session

  • Chat messages exchanged over XMPP

Secure Voice allows users to secure their voice calls in real time. It
uses the ZRTP (Z for the surname of its creator Phil Zimmerman and RTP
for Real-time Transport Protocol) encryption algorithm to make voice
over IP calls impossible to decipher by eavesdroppers.


  • Secure connection established through Diffie-Hellman

  • Short authentication string (SAS) used to detect MitM attacks

  • Keys discarded after every call

  • Encrypted video and group calls

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