The Secure Phone is a secure device that comes with 360 ° protection ensuring your data stays safe at any level. We customised every aspect of it to remove any security risks that could be exploited. The Secure Phone is not simply a mobile device, it's a smartphone platform for encrypted communications.


User-Owned Keys

All of MG’s encrypted communication solutions work with keys owned by the user. They are generated on the user’s device and stored only there.

No Backdoors

MG believes that a backdoor for one is a backdoor for all. Unlike some providers, MG does not create intentional flaws in its crypto system to bypass encryption.

Open Source

The open source protocols used by MG ENCRYPTION are subject to constant peer review. A large community of experts constantly upgrades the protocols to eliminate any room for flaws.

Zero Acces Data

We encrypt all data on the user's side with a key that only the user has. Moreover, no information ever touches Secure Group servers in an unencrypted form.

PGP Emails Only You Can Read

  • End–to–end PGP encryption
  • You generate your keys
  • Keys stored only on user device
  • Sync email contacts with Secure Chat & Secure Voice
  • Remotely wipe application data

Feature-Rich and Completely Private OTR Chat

  • End-to-end OTR encryption
  • Ephemeral keys for every conversation
  • Encrypted file sharing
  • Message set to a timer self-destruct
  • Compatible with other OTR-based apps

Encrypted Calls Nobody Can Eavesdrop On

  • ZRTP Encrypted VoIP calls on 2g, 3g, 4g, Wi-Fi
  • End-to-end encrypted conference and video calls
  • Encryption keys change after every call
  • Sophisticated compression for best possible audio quality
  • Support for multiple accounts

IMSI-catcher detector

Locates fake cell towers

Secure Wipe

Erase your data and restore your device to factory settings

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